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“For the love of horses……compassion & passion is all you need”

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Rider Profiling

Often when training you will set targets whether for personal growth or competition. We know that small achievable targets are the steps are they way forward to big achievements, but what if we slip back a little bit how does it effect us? And more importantly why do we often get stuck or fail at the same point each time.

Spending valuable time together one-on-one Alison can help you understand how to ‘set off’  to your new goals with a more successful out come.

   * Has determination and drive pushed you forward with such ‘gusto’ you missed a valuable turning.

   * Do you suffer from self confidence under pressure.

   * Is remembering a test and how to ride it causing you a valuable loss of marks.

   * What is your understanding of  how your posture effects your horse.

   * Does your work life effect your training mentally or physically.

   * Are you physically feeling less able and disappointed in your performance.

   * Have you tried to raise your targets but not reached them and don't know why?

“With familiarity we travel the same road everyday, we just don't see all the turnings or understand how to manoeuvre into them.”


These sessions are one-on-one (non ridden) for one hour

   Current clients £35 (training min once a month)

   New £45 (to include submission of video footage)

   Ridden training assessment 45 min  & Rider profiling 1 hour £90 (by location arrangement)

 **Groups can be catered for by arrangement in one single location.

An individual assessment report with targets and identification for personal growth will be completed for you to take away.