Alison    Short     Dressage

“For the love of horses……compassion & passion is all you need”

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UKCC Level 3 Coach

         BD Judge & database trainer

                          Full Liability Insurance

Winner 2014

I have always been passionate to find ways of supporting riders at all levels. Training can be hugely rewarding but at times equally frustrating, often finding the next step challenging or you simply lack motivation or confidence to progress.  

During lock down I formed a group on Face Book called,

ALISON’S DRESSAGE COMMUNITY, where I present four training workshops a month, with the option of joining me live or simply on catch up.

The group has proved extremely popular and we pride ourselves on a welcoming and inclusive approach. Topics can be moulded to what you would like to discuss and with the first three months under our belt,  we have worked together on various topic such as;

Pressure Aiding and It’s Effects

Developing a Training Plan

Logical Lateral Work

        Hind Limb Activation Exercises

For as little as £1.25 per week you too can come and be inspired!

Simply contact me or click on the drop down box to choose to pay & join today.  

Welcome to my new page of

 training opportunities.

Alison's Dressage Community Live