Alison    Short     Dressage

“For the love of horses……compassion & passion is all you need”

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UKCC Level 3 Coach

         BD Judge & database trainer

                          Full Liability Insurance

Pole Work Clinic

Near Hickstead

Pole work is a great way to introduce a green horse to working over poles, gaining confidence to work in a small group, being equally suitable for bringing the sparkle back to your flatwork!

 Alison is ingenious with her exercises creating floor plans to encourage suppleness, regularity to the pace and a greater moment of suspension.

All sessions are equally suitable for dressage and jumping disciplines.

  1 hour sessions (max 4 in group)

£30 per combination.

Sat 17th March

1 PM


3 PM

11 AM

12 Noon

5;30 PM

Wed 25th April

Wed 30th May

Thurs 10th May

11 AM


12 Noon

11 AM


12 Noon

1 Hour Pole work sessions