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“For the love of horses……compassion & passion is all you need”

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UKCC Level 3 Coach

         BD Judge & database trainer

                          Full Liability Insurance

Dressage Diva Day

These one day training clinics offer three training sessions, two ridden and one classroom based.

Open to all standards you can choose to be paired for the morning dressage lesson or privately for 45 minutes. You will have plenty of time to sit and watch others training and take away key pointers to improve yourself by watching others.

At lunch time Alison will guide you through developing a training plan with tips to maximise your outcome, helping you reach your goals.

In the afternoon your second ridden session, pole work will be in a small group, using imaginative exercises helping you to develop a more athletic way of going. Alison is encouraging and approachable, with her aim being to build a better more knowledgeable partnership between horse and rider.


You pulled each one of us into a state of positivity from doubt, targeted our goals succinctly, and coached us in epic time to deliver a part of them in such a way that folk didn't realise your game plan! “

“The smiles, the achievements , the wonder of an infectious coach , WIN WIN! Thank You soooo much.”

Yasmin Ullah

dressage Diva Day  July 20th 2018

Alison's Dressage Diva days are a great training tool.Two fantastic lessons, the opportunity to learn by watching others and socialising with like minded people.”

“All this while having fun in a super relaxed environment.”

Liz Hibberd  July 20th 2018


SHARED dressage lesson  (2 in group)

Developing a training plan (classroom based)

Polework Max 4 in group



PRIVATE dressage lesson

Developing a training plan (classroom based)

Polework max of 4 in group


Friday September 14th
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